A Blog about Blogs

Blogs are a great for both personal and professional reasons. They’re cost-efficient and easy to start. Professionally, blogs are an amazing way for a company/brand to get more personal and give a voice to themselves.

Let’s compare two types of blogs, both small and large scale.


1. Adderall and Compliments


Adderall and Compliments is a blog run by comedian and writer, Annabelle DeSisto. This blog is for recreational purposes, as it is more of a side-project for her and a way to share her opinions on her favorite TV shows, past-times, and to promote her Podcast. She also posts more sporadically instead of being more structured or scheduled.

What makes her blog unique is her voice, and her lack of filter. She is not afraid to tell her readers how she really feels about certain characters on TV, political issues, etc. She doesn’t hold back and she uses this blog as a platform to share her views, whether you agree or not. In turn, this is also a reflection of her “Adderall and Compliments” brand, which is all about women who share the same love for pop culture and standing up for themselves, with a comedic twist. Plus, a large part of her brand is her Podcast (also named Adderall and Compliments), which is heavily promoted on the blog.

Most people find the blog through Annabelle’s podcast, or when Annabelle is a guest on another person’s podcast. Her blog is also promoted by other popular lifestyle/recreational blog(ger)s such as The Skinny Confidential, The Bitch Bible, and Stassi Schroeder, to name a few.

Some aspects of Adderall and Compliments, which qualify it to be considered “successful” are: presence on major social media (especially Twitter), original content, and easy to subscribe/follow. One major point where this blog could use some improvement, though, would be consistency of posts. Right now, Annabelle only posts about 1-2 times a month. I think that by increasing post activity to once a week would be extremely beneficial because it drives traffic to the site that much more often.

Currently, there are no advertisers for Adderall and Compliments. While Annabelle has a running joke that she would love to be sponsored by Adderall or one of the infamous “diet teas” that Instagram-models promote, I think a good sponsor for her would be a clothing retailer, a makeup brand, or even a subscription service (such as Texture) that would resonate with the demographic: Females age 18-30.


2. Coca-Cola Unbottled 


Coca-Cola Unbottled is the blog for Coca-Cola, of course! Unbottled is where Coca-Cola shares articles and other news about the company and their affiliates. It is of a professional nature, as the posts are business-related, and intended to share company news and garner revenue by letting customers know about new products and broadening their perspectives about Coke and their other brands. Coke says, “We champion our culture, humanize our company, and find fresh ways to tell our sustainability and innovation stories. We celebrate our past, present and future. And we capitalize on pop culture moments and real-time opportunities”(source). Many different authors contribute articles, which are posted multiple times a week.

What makes Coca-Cola’s blog unique is the fact that it’s very community-based, compared to many other company blogs. Also, the structure itself sets them apart. Coca-Cola says it best about their vision for their blog:

“The Coca-Cola Company dove headfirst into the unchartered waters of brand journalism by reimagining our corporate website as a dynamic digital magazine and owned media channel. Inspired by leading online publishers and powered by social media, the pioneering storytelling brings the compelling stories behind our company and brands – who we are, what we do and why we do it – to the forefront through a digital publishing experience designed to inspire, educate and provoke action”(source).

They have an even mix of human-interest pieces, spotlights on certain employees and company news. This reflects the Coca-Cola brand because Coke is all about community, i.e. their “Share a Coke” campaign.

Traffic is driven to the blog in two main ways. The first is by simply typing “coca cola” into Google, the blog is the fourth result, just under their main website and their Twitter. Another is by the link to the page in the footer of Coke’s website.

This blog can be considered “successful” because blogs are posted many times a week, there is original and interesting content, and Coke’s social media presence is large and is linked on the page. There is also a sense of longevity and commitment to creating great content. Overall, the blog is pretty great, but if I had to make any improvements, I would focus on two things: promoting the blog on their Twitter more and adding some sort of subscribe/email notification button for new posts.

As for advertisers, it’s pretty obvious: The Coca-Cola Company sponsors and supports this blog.