5 Essential Packing Tips

Here at 27th Star Co., we love to travel, and we assume most of our customers would agree.

It seems that no matter how much one travels, packing is almost always a stressful experience. Figuring out which clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, etc. to bring on a trip is such a pain!

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In an effort to streamline and de-stress the packing process, we here at 27th Star Co. have compiled a list of 5 essential packing tips for your adventure.

  1. Make a list. A list may seem like a tedious or arbitrary task, but having everything written down in front of you is key to staying organized and on track. Plus, once you’ve packed something in your bags, you can cross that item off your list. Just be sure to not remove said item from your luggage without taking note of it.
  2. Plan & consider┬ádaily activities. When I pack for a trip, I always take note of the daily activities we will be doing so that I can plan clothes and appropriate footwear in advance. This also helps limit my tendency to overpack, which happens when I try to “guess” what we will be doing. Lay out all of the clothes you initially plan to take, and then edit from there.
  3. Compartmentalize. When I travel, I like to keep makeup/skincare, bath & body items, and any medications separate. This way, I know what is in each bag and it cuts down the time searching through (and ultimately having to dump out) a bigger toiletries bag for a certain item. Psst! Our Nel Toiletries Bags are perfect for this.Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 2.22.20 AM
  4. Roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes into cute little logs instead of folding really does save so much room! Just be sure to make it a neat, tight roll to avoid wrinkles and bulk.
  5. Relax! Our last quick tip is the most simple, yet most important: chill! I know that most of us are secret members of Over-Packers Anonymous because we get into the mindset of “you never know!”, but that just doesn’t work when you want to save time, space, and money while traveling. We always have to remind ourselves, if you have to re-wear something, who cares?! The days of being labeled an “outfit repeater” are over. Plus, as long as you have your wallet, phone, and Passport/ID, you can almost always purchase anything you need (toothbrush, sandals, hairbrush, etc.) at the hotel or nearby.


We hope these tips help you out when prepping for your next trip. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be just fine! Now grab your Key West Duffel and go explore!

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