Snapchat for Business

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Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks. I would say that it’s certainly in a business’ best interest to hop onboard with the snapchat obsession to use it to their advantage. Some ideas for businesses to use snapchat are:

  • Get your own Geofilter. This is great for users to e able to tag their location when they visit (if you have a physical location)
  • Use it as a focus group. Ask questions on your story and measure responses/outcomes by providing calls-to-action such as “screenshot this photo if you want this option!”, for example.
  • Go Behind The Scenes. Show customers a look into your workplace, a sneak peak of new items, etc. to make them feel like they know you a little better.
  • Give exclusive offers. Give out promo codes and other deals on your snapchat story. It’ll be time-sensitive and exclusive to those who follow you!


I have partnered with a company, 27th Star Co., to create a Snapchat story for them (follow them at: the27thstarco). We decided that we were going to go the “behind the scenes” route and give a sneak peak at some items that were being added to the shop soon. This is great because we want to build some anticipation for the shop and get people excited to visit and buy some items. When customers get a sneak peak, this makes them feel special and like they’re in on a secret. They feel included. Who doesn’t like that? Even big-budget companies love to give followers a look at “the man behind the curtain”, so to speak. Jessica Maslin, directing partner at DayDream Cinema, a multimedia marketing agency, says, “Snapchat is a glimpse into the lifestyle of your company.” It’s another way to give your company more personality and a taste of the essence behind the brand.

27th Star’s snapchat story looked like this:



Overall, i’m a big fan of snapchat. I use it both personally and professionally, and it’s a blast every time! I think it’s important for companies to not only use it, but also know how they can use it properly: to build a brand identity and boost traffic/sales.

The platform itself is so fun and genius because of the time-sensitive nature. This creates excitement and urgency and gets people to log on often. Also, Snapchat has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other, because it allows people to let their guard down and be a bit more carefree since nothing is permanent.